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Code Green 28th February 2015

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2015-02-27

Hey everyone,

Sorry for how late this is but there will be a Code: Green solo sign-up tournament Saturday 28th February with Check-in opening at 5pm EST. Make sure you have an account on http://tiermonster.com/ otherwise you will not be able to check-in. The page will close at 5.30pm EST so make sure you get there on time. If you are also new to our tournaments, please check out the How To Play page as that will show you step by step how to join one of our tournaments, how to get access to our Mumble server, as you must have voice communication for the tournament.

Once Check-in has closed, make sure to check Participants when admins say the section is up. You will find out which team you are in and move to the respective team room.

Don't forget if you don't get into the tournament you will still be able to watch it on our Twitch channel,http://www.twitch.tv/tiermonster where we will have casting start at around 6pm EST depending on how fast the games begin. Make sure to tune in as it's always a lot of fun to watch.

Hope to see you tomorrow!!

Tiermonster Team

Win an XBOX and a Smite Beta Key

Created by Oponn on 2015-02-20

Hello fellow smite fans! Tiermonster, Smitelite and the TierGaming streaming network are proud to announce the first XBOX One console and Smite Beta Key giveaway!  One lucky winner will walk away with their own shiny new XBOX One and be one of the first people to play Smite on the XBOX!

here is the link!

The contest will run from today Feb. 20th until Friday March 6th with the winner being announced on Tiermonster.com and here on Reddit on Saturday March 7th.  Winner will be contacted via e-mail and must respond to confirm shipping and other information.  We have many ways to enter, by checking out our new website Smitelite.com, by following the Tiermonster twitter or by following one of our amazing TierGaming members.  Multiple ways to enter, multiple chances to win!

So Good Luck! Try Hard, Play Smite!

Smitelite has arrived!!

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2015-02-18


Back in November we were switching our backend system to fit with the near Realtime API tracking Hirez had implemented, and after a short time tracking how the API was used we felt that we should set up an easy, clean interface that gave you the information you wanted up front. It was originally going to be a new update for Tiermonster, however there were too many gaps in the information, and we felt the best way to fix them would be to create a whole new website, and this was how the idea for Smitelite was born.

Important Features List:

Smitelite allows an easy access of any Smite account, whether a top professional player or an Arena only player, you will find their account here with analysis of each game and the account overall. No need to sign up!!

We've slimmed down god pages to give you the most important information right in your face. Smitelite even includes (an early implementation) of our very own individual player ranks on gods, showing the top 10 players on that god based on their W/L ratio, KDA, and plenty of other stats.

All games contain a post-game stats analysis of each player and overall team, including any bans and all builds of each player. The best way to understand it is to experience it, which you can find here .

All player profiles have been enhanced to show progress on each god in our ranking system, an easy to read graph as to how their MMR has fluctuated throughout the day, and we've also included a few fun facts, from how many minions you've killed, to how much of each type of damage you've dealt.

Smitelite also includes a "What's their Build" section which allows you to look up the most recent games for each player on each god, or just a god itself, and find out how each build has done.

The website should also be fully working on most mobile phones as well, so you can load the website without even having to tab out!!

Finally, and this is probably the section we are most proud of, Smitelite is the first Smite stats site to be translated into 8 different languages!! Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Polish, German, French and of course English and the website transitions smoothly between all of them, just make sure to change the language settings at the top right!!

Make sure to poke around, tell us what you think and give us feedback on what you like and what you want changing. Hope you enjoy!!

Tiermonster Team

Note: Because of an issue with the latest patch, localization translations are not available for the new items release in this patch, this should be fixed next patch.


Love at First Blood - 2v2 Speed Jousting

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2015-02-10

Are you lonely? In look for some companionship? No Date for Valentines? Well to heck with wine and roses when you can have carnage and mayhem!

This Saturday Feb 14th, Tiermonster presents “Love at First Blood” speed jousting tournament! This is a solo-signup event where we will match you with a suitable partner, much better than any dating sites, and together you can celebrate the holiday by punching faces.

Check-in will work just like our normal Code: Green tournament, you must have a Tiermonster account and at 5:00PM EST on Saturday check-in will open. At 5:30PM EST check-in will close and the magic will happen and you will meet your match! To find who your perfect match is, make your way over to the tables and they will be announced after check-in is finished. As always, we do have some simple rules you have to follow, to find all of them you check check our Rules page out.

New to the facepunching scene? Well you can go to our How To Play section, which includes our mumble server details, so make sure to check it out.


We will be taking a maximum of 64 teams (or 128 people) + substitutes and winners have a chance at winning: 1st place – 800 Gems Per Person 2nd place – 400 Gems Per Person 3rd place – 200 Gems Per Person

So so set aside the roses and chocolates, pick up your weapons and embrace the destruction! Come out and play on Feb 14th.

Code Green Saturday 31st January

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2015-01-27

Hey everyone, hope you all have had a nice break but it's time for us all to get back into the action, and we're kicking it off with Code: Green this weekend on Saturday. Check-in will be starting at 5pm EST lasting for 30 minutes with games beginning around 6pm EST and casting starting around the same time on Tiermonster TV. For all rules make sure to go to the Information & Rules page and also if you don't know the details for the mumble you're required to be on you can find all of that our on our How To Play section of the website.

If you still have any questions feel free to ask them below in the comments and we'll happily reply as soon as we can. See you Saturday ^_^

Free Rotation

Anhur Sobek Fenrir Isis Sun Wukong

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