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Divine Intervention 2 Updates

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2014-10-31

Good day everyone!!

I hope you're as hyped as we are for Divine Intervention this weekend, as we're taking over Smitegame for our Charity tournament from 1pm EST each day!! We'll also be giving away a load of codes, including gem codes, Divine Intervention II t-shirts and  God Packs, so make sure to come and say hi even if you're not playing. 

One thing I want to say on behalf of all at Tiermonster & those who will be helped through Child's Play. Thank you. Thank you so much. I don't think we were ever expecting to raise $39,000 for charity this year before we even got to the tournament, going nearly 8x our original goal, and nearly 5.5x the donations last year. You are all unbelieveably amazing for what you've donated and we cannot thank you enough. We hope you all enjoy these next few days even if you aren't picked as you have done so much for Child's Play. Also a huge shoutout to Hirez, especially Stew, for giving us the Lunar Tango Chang'e skins & the special Poolseidon skins. We are priviliged to have the support from you all, so thank you very much <3

Also - For those who donated, please check your Email as we've sent you emails if you are in the tournament, so please check that, it may be in the Spam folder so check that. We also have all of the Teams on our Participants List including which days people will be playing. Brackets will be live on the day. We'll be randomizing the order of the teams before the tournament in brackets, so if you find brackets they are not representative of what the tournament will actually be like until we start the tournament.

Don't worry if you still want to donate, Donations are open until the 8th November, but you will only get the Ward Skin, Lunar Tango and Poolseidon depending on what you donate, as every other prize will have been given out. If you have any other questions about donating after the tournament, or have any questions about being in the tournament, I will be hosting a Q&A session later on Reddit. If you cannot play in the tournament due to real life reasons and have been given a place, PLEASE tell us this immediately by sending an email to contactus@tiermonster.com. 

For now however, thanks again for being so awesome,
See you on the Battlefield,
Tiermonster Team

DI2 Team and Event Information

Created by Oponn on 2014-10-30

Hello all! I wanted to update you on what is going to be happening tomorrow so you can keep your eye out for Divine Intervention 2 information!  Everybody that donated up to this point and left the appropriate information (bunch of people forgot their IGN and Email) and have claimed their rewards and said they can play either Saturday and Sunday are now entered in the team generation phase of our show.

We will be taking the top 64 donors and a random group of 64 donors to create teams for both Saturday and Sunday (different people and donors each day so more chances to be inJ) We will also be taking 32 people for both Saturday and Sunday to be potential substitutes for the event, we all know stuff comes up so we want to be able to fill spots quickly if that happens.  If you are chosen as a substitute, you will be entered automatically in the raffle for prizes for tournament participants even if you do not get a chance to play on that day.

Instructions will be mailed out on what to do on tournament day to the people chosen to play.  Team lists will be posted to the website on October 31st, each person picked a first and second preference captain we will try to accommodate your choices as best we can, but each team has limited spots.

If you have any questions please used the contact us address or Tiermonster support for more help, we will try to get back to you as fast as possible.

Thank you once again for the amazing donations you guys have made and the heartwarming feedback we have received so far.

The Tiermonster Team

Streaming on Tiermonster TV

Created by Lordwhizzkid on 2014-10-25

First of all, on a quick incredibly unrelated note, Code: Green is on again tonight. To check-in just go to Events --> Check-in right at the top of the website. The check-in will open at 5pm EST and close after 30 minutes so be quick!! Follow the instructions on the How to Play website and you'll be ready to go!!

Now onto what I wanted to talk about originally. As you may know, our stream, Tiermonster TV, has been going for a year now, but we still have some stream slots open and we would love people to come stream over here. If you want to apply to stream for us, please fill out this application. That also includes substitute streamers if you are also interested in applying. We also would love to know if you guys want to see any additional content coming out of the stream, i.e Talk shows, more tournaments etc. Please comment below if you have ideas and we'll listen to them

See you on the battlefield,

Tiermonster Team.

DI2 Donor Information

Created by Oponn on 2014-10-21

The amazing folks at HiRez (Stew, Drybear, Bart I’m looking at you guys) have upped the ante for people that donate towards the Divine Intervention charity tournament and raffle.  I wanted to update everybody that has donated so far, and is planning on donating as to when you can expect your rewards for participating.  We will be sending out confirmation emails to donors every 2 days, with the next set scheduled to go out on Thursday 10/23 morning/afternoon.  These emails will explain the process on how you can claim your rewards and verify your participation (or no participation) in the charity tournament.

Please note, and PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE DIVINE INTERVENTION INFORMATION PAGE carefully, there is some information that you need to provide in order to participate and receive your rewards, please pay special attention to the screen shot of the information you are required to submit.  There have been many donors that have no provided any information in this box, so we don’t know who to thank!

Thank you to everybody that has donated so far!  The Tiermonster Team..

Divine Intervention 2 Update

Created by Oponn on 2014-10-18

Good evening everybody! The first round of confirmations have been sent out to folks that donated this last week.  In that email there is a link you can click on to submit your details and claim your Tiermonster Ward Skin!

I’m so amazed at the response we have gotten so far for the event, we’re already at 29% of our stated goal with two weeks to go until tournament time!  Make sure you check the website often the next couple of weeks, we’ll be doing some special giveaways and maybe some other cool stuff!

As a side note, there are some people that donated that did not provide their e-mail, IGN or other information needed for us to confirm them for the event or send them their skin.  If you donated and you did not receive a confirmation e-mail (please check  your spam, it should be from Tiermonster) please drop us a line!

Have a great weekend everybody and keep on Smite-ing!

Tiermonster TV

Tiermonster TV

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