Thank You Smite Community

In May, 2013 we started the Tiermonster website to bring stats and build information for all the players of Smite and this Friday we will be turning off the site after almost four years. We felt it was time because most of our founders have moved on to other projects and the pesky real world prevents being able to commit the time and resources to improving the site.

Now this isn’t to say that we are going away completely. Since our inception, events have been one of our focus points, with our Code:Green, Code:Black and other solo signup tournaments. Our events group is working hard to provide events to the players of Smite, and through our amazing partnership with HiRez we continue to manage and run the Challenger Cup, now the Challenger Circuit. We are going to continue to do this through our Tiermonster.Events website and

So, before this gets wall of text a quick thank you to eBadger,HiRezDrybear, HirezMartini, LordWhizzKid and all the people that worked for Tiermonster that went on to work for HiRez (I’m looking at you F.). The amazing streamers that participated on the Tiermonster twitch channel, all the people that have submitted guides over the years, and of course you the Smite community.

The Challenger Circuit returns soon, so we’ll see you then!