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Some changes and Code Black

Post By Oponn on 2014-04-11

Hello all!  We will be hosting our Code:Black Arena event this weekend starting at 5PM EST.  Check-in runs from 5PM to 5:30PM EST, so come on out and punch some face!  Also wanted to update you all on some changes we made to the system last night for common god builds.

In the last week...

Smite Launch Tournament Recap

Post By Oponn on 2014-04-08

A quick introduction to the new guy…

Hello all, my name is Jeremy “MonoTekETeA” or DES Mono for short, and I am a amatuer E-Sports writer. I will be writing articles for when I find the time every so often. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing...

Some minor changes

Post By Oponn on 2014-04-07

Hey All! We are testing a few new features on the website, the biggest being the integration of Disqus as a commenting system.  You will see this feature now once you login at the bottom of the main page articles. A site specific Disqus account will be created for you the first time you open...

Jaggerous on Tiermonster from 4am to 7am EST

Post By Oponn on 2014-04-03

We would like to welcome Jaggerous to the Tiermonster stream team! She will be covering the 4am to 7am EST time slot M-F and can also be found on her own twtich channel at  You can also find out more about Jaggerous by checking out her twitter or her YouTube videos with

Launch Tournament Day 1

Post By Oponn on 2014-03-29

So we we're lucky enough to be at the launch tournament this weekend in Atlanta, and so far it's been an amazing experience!  The games yesterday between Dignitas and SK and SoloMid we're some of the best games I've ever seen (and I've watched a few), TBH I'm a DiG fan and was rooting for...

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