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PUBGLeague Week 3


Dropzone I Heads Into Week 3

Dropzone I Heads Into Week 3

After qualifiers and two weeks of closed ladder Dropzone I heads into week three.  While the field is still open, we have seen some very strong play from Nopnop and DizzyLT on Wins Only (formerly Elevate) taking several first place wins and holding the number one spot for two weeks.

Armada eSports, Gotta Be Better and SKP are within striking distance of Wins Only but they need to beware the rest of the field, currently ten teams have over 200 points and a first place win can easily knock out one of the top four.

Teams in the top ten also need to keep a sharp eye out for KatieKakes, L2P_Lush, TheC and more, excellent PUBG players who performed well in our solo ladder earlier this year, a few lucky breaks could see them easily place in the top ten with only three weeks to go to the ladders conclusion.

Dropzone I is a six week duos 1st person perspective PUBG tournament that is played on Fridays and streamed on the TIERMONSTER twitch channel, YouTube and Facebook page at 6:45PM EST.  More information about the Dropzone I event can be found on our PUBGLeague website.

Oponn is a jack of all trades when it comes to Zyombi Gaming LLC, Tiermonster and PUBGLeague. Owner, manager and lead developer along with being a full time IT consultant keeps him busy. Follow him on twitter to see what he is up to lately.

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