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PUBGLeague Dropzone I Week 3

PUBGLeague Dropzone I Week 3

Hello PUBG Fans! If you have been following Dropzone I week three was not the week to miss.  We had some major movement from teams that coming into this week were more towards the middle of the pack. Smithy and Daacannon (Team Totality) made great strides with multiple top five wins that saw them placed tied for third with HWrightt and ZiphoN (Team Produo.jpg).  Ensolenso and Jorzki claimed the number two spot and Nopnop with his new partner PurdyKurty retained the number one spot, but not by much.

With two more weeks to go, anybody in the top 15-20 has a chance at that number one spot with some skill, great game play and blessings from our lord most high RNGesus.  After week three the ladder currently stands:

  1. Totality 2 – nopnop / PurdyKurty – 425 points
  2. #SaunaBois – Ensolenso / Jorzki – 378 points
  3. Totality – Smithy97 / DaaCannon – 361 points
  4. ProDuo.jpg – HWrightt / ZiphoN – 361 points
  5. Armada Esports – PoonageY / Draas – 356 points
  6. Alliance – Odinthor / Veazyy – 352 points
  7. FeelsPepoSpin – BL4_cky-K0dnamn / Shulk – 351 points
  8. Gotta Be Better – oSevo / Dag_1919 – 336 points
  9. Easy Riders [EZ] – Legendary117S / idan1134 – 334 points
  10. SKP – Blastyk / Slex_ – 323 Points

To see the entire ladder head over to for more information.

Dropzone I is a six week, duo 1st person perspective tournament sponsored by ViewSonic and Coolermaster.  Join us on Fridays at 6:30PM EST on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook for live action.

Oponn is a jack of all trades when it comes to Zyombi Gaming LLC, Tiermonster and PUBGLeague. Owner, manager and lead developer along with being a full time IT consultant keeps him busy. Follow him on twitter to see what he is up to lately.

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