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Friday Night Smite Returns Monthly

Friday Night Smite Returns Monthly

What is Friday Night Smite? Friday Night Smite is a community tournament that has been around for near 3 years now. Friday Night Smite (FNS) has been run and operated by Thomas “FreightTrain” Frato since it began near 3 years ago. FNS has been a platform for the amateur players in the SMITE community to showcase their skill set and get noticed. Current SPL players started putting a team together and playing competitive SMITE in order to practice for the Challengers Circuit and lead them to the SPL. Some of the current and former SPL players to play in FNS have been, FineOkay, Sheyka, Shing, PainDeViande, DayToRemember, and plenty of others! FNS allows players and teams of all skill levels to test the water of competitive play and get a better understanding of what it takes to play at the highest level, the SPL. The current format of FNS is single elimination with a best of 3 finals to determine the winner. Prizing for the event is currently totals 14,000 Gems to be divided among the top 4 teams. The next FNS tournament is scheduled for 10/27 for this month! Follow @FreightTrainUSA for all updates on FNS or DM him.

FNS has been more than just a valuable platform for the players to enhance their skills, but also for up and coming broadcasters. FNS started with just FreightTrain and grew to have casters suchs as GoreMiser, who now works with Hi-Rez studios. Other casters that started in FNS and who have gone on to do other work include, Jmac, DySyncz, and Verbalosity all of whom are Challenger Circuit Casters now, along with FreightTrain. FreightTrain was also recognized as a top level amateur caster when Hi-Rez created the show “The Caster” FreightTrain was one of 10 contestants selected out of over 1000 applicants.

If you are looking to play smite with friends, test yourself against top competition, win some gems or even get into broadcasting Friday Night Smite is the place for you. Any questions can be directed at FreightTrain @FreightTrainUSA in regards to sign ups or casting opportunities.

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