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Challenger Circuit End


A Challenger Circuit Thank You

A Challenger Circuit Thank You

I would like to take a few moments to thank the players that have participated in the Challenger Circuit and Cup in the past three years.  With the changes to season five in Smite, the Challenger Circuit will be moving to a new home, in house at HiRez Studios.  It has been a privilege the past three years to host this event and to watch the passion and dedication of the players that have participated in their quest to join the SPL.

The Challenger players deserve the spotlight and the better rewards they will receive with the Circuit taking more of a prominent position at HiRez, they work hard and put in long hours of practice and were a joy to work with, even if some people forget how to check in from week to week. So, good luck next year, we’ll be watching and rooting you on!

No event like this is done in a vacuum and there were a lot of dedicated people that put in a lot of hours for sort of ok pay (trust me they deserve more), so I’m going to take a few moments to thank them for the outstanding job they did, no matter what twitch chat says.

Thank you to our casters: Goremiser, DySyncZ, FreightTrain, JMac, RaughTheDwarf, Soza, Verbalosity, AlphaJackal, Shadowboy and Tyger.

Thank you to our production crew, who work hard behind the scenes: Unovy, Xtrememan and MTarget.

Thank you to our admins: VitruxPT, Merlle, LermyWermy, Suppenkaspa and Skyy who is kind of like that uncle at the family reunion that drinks too much and stumbles into a conversation midway and asks, “what did I miss?”

Thank you to HiRezAPC, HiRezDan, Xioden, Hinduman, HiRezSNK and HiRezCooper our eSports coordinators at HiRez.  And most importantly HiRezStew for giving us the opportunity to run the Challenger Cup/Circuit in the first place.

And finally, Lordwhizzkid who has helped keep the car on the road, organized all the staff and is passionate about Smite and Smite eSports. He’s been my right-hand man since we started hosting Smite events way back in the Code:Green days.

So, there you have it, sorry if I rambled.  This is not the end of Tiermonster and its involvement with Smite, there are some things in the works, but we are closing the book on the Challenger Circuit.  Myself and all the members of Tiermonster wish the players, coaches and managers of the Challenger Circuit teams the very best of luck in Season Five.

Oponn is a jack of all trades when it comes to Zyombi Gaming LLC, Tiermonster and PUBGLeague. Owner, manager and lead developer along with being a full time IT consultant keeps him busy. Follow him on twitter to see what he is up to lately.

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