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Community Casters Welcome

Community Casters Welcome

Community Casting

Looking for a way to cast some Smite games?  For the Spring 2018 Smite Combine we are going to open up the matches to the community, and anybody that is looking to gain some experience casting a match is welcome to join in.  Here is what you need to know:

  1. Casters will join us on our discord at during the check-in period for that day’s event. 3PM CET/CEST EU on Saturdays and 10AM EST NA on Sundays.
  2. There will be a room on the discord labeled #Community-Casters that you must join.
  3. All teams will be required to set a spectator password for their matches, this password will be announced and pinned on the server for your reference.
  4. Casters will stream the event to their own Twitch, Mixer or YouTube channel.
  5. Casters will be required to interact with the team captains to let them know they will be spectated, and what channel the broadcast will be shown on.

Now for the bad stuff:

  1. Tiermonster will not offer any technical support to community casters and the matches must start in a timely manner, if we determine that the event is being held up waiting for the casters to get organized we will tell the teams to continue match play without being spectated.

That’s it!  If you are an aspiring caster and looking to build your demo reel make sure to join us for the Smite Spring 2018 Combine.

Oponn is a jack of all trades when it comes to Zyombi Gaming LLC, Tiermonster and PUBGLeague. Owner, manager and lead developer along with being a full time IT consultant keeps him busy. Follow him on twitter to see what he is up to lately.

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