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Smite Combine Checklist

Smite Combine Checklist

The Smite Combine is coming up fast and we’re all looking forward to seeing how the competition plays out this split.  For teams that are interested in participating here is a quick checklist of things you need to know about check in and play for next week.

  1. Make sure your team captain can connect to our discord at
  2. Team captains please join the #smite-combine room on discord, all tournament communication will be done in this channel.
  3. Team captain please modify your discord nickname to be <nickname> – <team name> (example: TM-Oponn – Team Tiermonster) This will help you identify the captains from other teams during match play. Captains will be responsible for communicating with the other team’s captain to get their matches started.  You can do this by right clicking your name on the discord and selecting CHANGE NICKNAME.  This will only affect your nickname on the Tiermonster discord server.
  4. Make sure before checking in on game day that your team is organized and ready to play and that you know the role each player will be playing, it will be asked on the check in form.

During game day if you have any questions, Tiermonster Admins will be members colored green, and will have a TM- in front of their nickname.  Primary administrators will be TM-Derpchu and TM-Oponn.

We’re looking forward to the matches next weekend!


Oponn is a jack of all trades when it comes to Zyombi Gaming LLC, Tiermonster and PUBGLeague. Owner, manager and lead developer along with being a full time IT consultant keeps him busy. Follow him on twitter to see what he is up to lately.

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