Tiermonster Xing Tian Skin

  • Posted By:
  • Oponn
  • Posted On:
  • 2016-03-27

We are excited to announce that in patch 3.5 Tiermonster in association with HiRez studios we will be releasing the Xing Tian skin!  The skin will be available in the Smite store for 300 gems, so if you want to feel badass, be a winner, and rejoice in the lamentations of the women be sure to pick one up!

We would like to especially thank HiRez APC and HiRez Stew for all the support they have shown our organization over the past almost four years.  We have grown with the Smite community and it’s the relationships we have created with the members of HiRez and the members of this community that have made this a great four years.

Once the dust settles we’ll be running some competitions for you to pick up your own Xing Tian skin, so check back for more info!