Welcome to the Tiermonster Guide Creation System!

Below you will have the option to create a guide to help out your fellow smite players. Before you start there are a few things you should know. Because of the fast changing aspect of the game, GOD guides will only be valid for 60 days and once that passes the guide will have to be recreated. GOD BUILD TRACKING guides will only be valid for 45 days.GENERAL guides and VIDEO guides will have no expiration date. Guides in languages other than english are welcome!

You do not have to have an account on Tiermonster in order to create a guide, just a valid IGN and e-mail address. Once you create a guide you will be issued a GUIDE KEY that will let you access any guides you have created on the site. So using the form below, lets get started!

Your Smite player name

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Type of guide you are writing

If God or Video guide, which god - Ignored for General Guide